Sunday, August 19, 2007

千四百八十八: Remember Everything

Remember Everything, Forgive Nothing

I watched Bourne Ultimatum yesterday with ZC and CJ. Jason Bourne is soooo cool!! Without being as suave as James Bond or as many gadgets, his quick thinking and ability to speak so many languages really bowls me over. & it does help that he gets out of so many tight situations.

After the movie, we ate at Billy Bombers, at The Cathay & I made my first visit to Strip. After that we shopped around abit, went to some pub to support ZC's navalmate's gig. not too bad, but they probably should have known their lyrics. & I was feeling tired, so I was sorta wanting to leave by about 10.30pm. & I was supposed to coordinate last minute stuff with Ryo oso. at least he made the effort to stay up til I reached home at about midnite (1am in Japan). I'm so excited about the trip!!


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