Friday, August 17, 2007

千四百八十六: 寝たい

深夜の 3時半に起きて、空港へ行った。妹の見送りだった。今仕事中なのに、すごく眠いです。目を閉じてる・・

I am so sleepy now. My sis is off for her student exchange program & tears really started flowing out when it was time to say goodbye. I dunno whether it was tears cos my eyes were too tired from lack of sleep or tears cos I was crying but I suspect it's a mixture of both.

Very very sleepy at work now. (oops I said that already) Cleared some issues in the morning, got Ryo's DS card working & got my own 2GB mini-sd card working also. Can't stop yawning.. hopefully I won't be too tired to catch the fireworks after dinner.

Things to do:
  1. Register for JLPT 1 exam by next week
  2. Change S$400 to Thai Baht & Go to The Cathay next week
  3. MSE GateKeeping Manual!
  4. Prepare list of things to followup.
  5. Excel my funds
  6. Prepare Ryo's stuff - DS
  7. Sign off UAT Plan tomorrow?
  8. Prepare Status Sheet & Folders for UAT next week
  9. Pack Luggage
  10. Collate guidebook/Collect Guidebook from YH
That's all before I fall asleep & forget them I guess..


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