Monday, August 13, 2007

千四百八十二: The Gift

Watching this old Kimura drama The Gift since last night. i am only at episode 3 but he is seriously super cute!! especially in the first scene where he tumbles out naked from a closet. yummy!!! if only they showed more of him. hehe.

Sudden issues at work at 3pm, had to rush to do up screenshots and explain to my boss what the bug was. ermz. basically something that i didn't know about also, had to check from scratch and understand in the space of a few minutes and think of ways to check the impact. Very grateful that my mind rolls pretty fast when I need it to.

Okie, list of things to do updated:
  1. Register for JLPT 1 exam by next week
  2. Buy a piece of luggage - currently eyeing Sahora (Samsonite) & Robinson's is having 20% off until Sunday. Check Planet Traveler & Isetan's pricing
  3. Change some S$ to Thai Baht - sms WK my acct no. so he can TT me $$ he wants to convert as well.
  4. Apply for movie tix for Akane and myself for the movie event by Aug 5th.
  5. Reach work by 8am on Monday and Tuesday.
  6. Pay Christine back $27.45 for Sushi Tei farewell lunch.
  7. MSE GateKeeping Manual!
  8. Prepare list of things to followup.
  9. Excel my funds
  10. Go to the bank on Tuesday evening 6.30pm
  11. Prepare Ryo's stuff
I have to remember to check on all the aliases everyday also. Madness!!


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