Sunday, August 19, 2007

千四百八十九: 食べ過ぎ

I think I overate this weekend.

Friday we ate Korean bBQ (alot of beef), & I had extra helpings of the birthday cake, then I had Billy Bomber's steak for dinner on Saturday. That was a mistake, a bite of the steak towards the end shifted my braces somewhat and now I can't really bite properly on the right side of my mouth. :( Today I had lunch at 3pm, felt hungry, then snacked on potato chips and ice cream, ate popiah at 6pm, took a nap until 10.30pm and ate dinner. Now I think I have a slight ulcer in the back of my mouth . ouch..

I watched Shibuya怪談 2 today, & Udon. the first is a horror movie, but didn't really understand the reason behind the killings except it was a vengeful ghost. hmm. The 2nd one is quite funny, still watching it right now. The noodles are the hardest part, apparently hand kneaded, and then boiled then washed in cold water to become noodles. I felt really hungry after that. hehe.

4 more days! :D


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