Tuesday, August 21, 2007

千四百九十一: Musings

The boss is in town again. & she chose to sit beside me today so it was just work work work all the way. Not that she really had to look at me or anything, I was quite overwhelmed with work today. Composing Japanese emails to customers that had to be super polite took up alot of my energy, and handling bugs the first thing I go into the office.

I thought about making peace with a dinner outing tonight before my trip but I guess my company is not really wanted/needed. I took the initiative to ask but I guess as XH said, don't be so 主動, and I probably should really heed that advice soon.

I always detest the idea of playing hard to get, playing games with people's minds. But maybe my frankness & directness is too much for some people. I speak out when I feel things are unfair, wrong, not for just myself, but also for others (like my sis who usually just keeps quiet when my mum gets mad at her and I just feel the need to speak up for her and argue for her) or just to voice out my opinion and I don't see why there isn't more of us doing that. If you are not doing anything wrong, not speaking up will weigh on your head/conscience isn't it? I think it's hard to earn back my respect if you lose it, the wall I erected around myself against you won't disappear easily and things just don't go back to normal easily.

Especially people who take me for granted and take advantage of me. I very very much despise those people who borrow stuff and don't return automatically, and has to be chased and chased to return my things. Yup I admit to be possessive, of my goods and my food, but who isn't? I don't mind sharing my things with people so they can share the joy i see in those things (books, Cds, games) but why do you choose to take things further by pinching them for yourself & taking advantage of my goodwill in lending you? This applies to friendship too. I keep quiet but it doesn't mean I don't feel hurt when I feel like my friendship was made use of.

well. just some random rambling. Finally got Ryo's stuff in order, I better remember to pack my luggage tomorrow. I haven't packed!! argh. but it's just one more day away. :D


Blogger Edwin said...

We all are like Americans such that we tend to be alot more direct, frank and to the point. And thats also why the Americans tend to be more efficient than the Japanese.

8:09 am GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

actually my post is directed at Singaporeans. Do I give the impression I only come into contact with Japanese?

8:18 am GMT+8  
Blogger Edwin said...

Yep. You said "composing japanese emails"...

8:45 am GMT+8  

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