Sunday, August 26, 2007

千四百九十三: In Bangkok!!

Today is like the 3rd day here le.. Only took out the laptop today, and apparently the hotel had to choose today to have problems with internet. -.- so we packed our bags, headed out to the biggest macdonald's in the city and plugged in to their free wi-fi.

Took the chance to upload my photos, and rest abit from the super hot weather. Photos are here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/alexxis/sets/72157601671095599/

I took the plane about 2040 on thurs nite, reached Thailand at 2205 (2305 Singapore Time). Ryo was waiting at the starbucks (thank goodness, cos I felt quite lost) at the thai airport. We took a cab to the hotel (Century Park) for 400baht, abit ex i guess. The hotel was like 4-star, looks really good for us to be paying about S$80 per night.

Woke up to a super cool american buffet breakfast, high quality and variety and quantity. :D We went shopping around Siam area, all the high end boutiques like Siam Paragon, Centralworld, etc then at night we went to see the New Calypso Cabaret. Before that we had dinner at a small Thai zichar place just next to the hotel. Very cheap and very very good. The girly boys were quite pretty but in some ways, abit unnatural.

We joined a tour to Ayutthaya on Saturday, the ruined city, also a UNESCO world Heritage site. Went to the King's summer Palace at Bang Pa In also, then it ended with a river cruise down chao phraya witha buffet lunch onboard. We had to wake up at 5am for this tour and I was exhausted after lunch so I just laid in Ryo's lap for a nap until the boat nearly reached its destination. Went to the hotel for a short rest, then headed to MBK by skytrain for some last minute shopping for WK. Our hotel station was near the Victory Monument, so 順便 went to see it. Night stalls were everywhere on the streets on a Saturday night.

This morning we went to Chatuchak market & got a few t-shirts and stuff. The place was sooo crowded. Very Very Very hot weather in Bangkok now, i think i became darker by 3 tones..

The weirdest thing about Bangkok is the animals. The cats and the dogs on the streets mainly. No matter where we saw them, they were in this position:

Playing dead.

We thought it was the heat, but they were behaving that way both indoors and outdoors. So weird.

Ok tomorrow we'll be heading to Krabi for the rest of the week. :D


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