Sunday, September 02, 2007

千五百: Less than a month to go

I'm home!

The plane touched down at 2205 right on time last night, and my parents & sis were waiting at the budget terminal for me. The flight was alright, about an hour plus, & I just played my DS the whole ride through. There were almost no empty seats on the flight though, surprised that there are so many sgporeans who were at krabi the same week. It was horrible to have to say goodbye to Ryo again, as his flight to Bangkok left earlier, my eyes couldn't help tearing as he turned around to wave goodbye to me when they announced for the Air Asia flight to board. (T.T) Whoever made up the saying "Parting is such sweet sorrow" (Shakespeare?) probably was parting with his enemy. What sweet?! At least I've booked my ticket and we'll be meeting again in about a month's time in Osaka. sighz. & now its just back to the familiar feeling of emptiness inside, not having him around to hug / kiss whenever I want to, or with him around to laugh at me when I say silly stuff.

I'm now suffering from abit of heat rash. Take this as a lesson never to overdo the sun tan.

Came home to a pile of unpaid bills. from last month actually. not so bad but I usually like clear them as soon as they come so I had to sit down and write out the cheques to pay them off last night else they'll be sitting on my head until I get them done. abit of a bills freak there.

& I hate unpacking the luggage. argh. But I am glad to be back to Sg where there isn't burning and glaring sunlight. I don't really dread going back to work, since I actually don't like to do nothing for too long. at least it will keep me from thinking too much until the next trip. :D

& it'll be my birthday end of this month!! can't wait, cos Ryo has gotten me the wallet I wanted from Coach I told him about. :D He tot the LV wallet was too expensive, so I told him about this one which was sold out in Sg. Then we walked around the shops in Thailand trying to find it but it was sold out there too. :( Then I finally managed to find it in Japan, an online shop that had imported from USA, and he bought the only piece left in that store. :D :D so happy! so we will celebrate a belated bday in Oct for me and and early one for him. :p

Try this game: http://flightsimx.archive.amnesia.com.au/ . J sent me the link and its quite addictive. my best score is 107.888m, ranking 4483.but I can't repeat that and the best I could do after that was like 83m. argh.

ok on to more unpacking...

P.S. More photos have been uploaded in the Thailand photo album: http://www.flickr.com/photos/alexxis/sets/72157601671095599/


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