Tuesday, September 11, 2007

千五百〇八: B for Bravery


That's me today.


I saw one of the rare occasions when Mr B was online on the office IM today and w/o thinking about the consequences, I double-clicked on his name, typed "Hi" in the open window and pressed the Enter key on the keyboard before realising what I did. oops... Felt abit stupid after that, what if its the wrong person? What if he ignores me? what if he doesn't know who i am? argh! the stupid things i do. Luckily, he responded by saying Hi, and we had a very mundane but safe chat. Just normal stuff like how long u been working here, how old u are etc. phew. I wanted to grin from ear to ear after that, but managed to keep that in check and not think about the whole thing until I reach home when it would have been diluted abit by time liao.

Another happy thing, I managed to get my Citi PremierMiles card! Finally some card useful to my travels, should have waited to get my ticket to Japan on this card instead. :( and no, my income level is just the normal 30k, nothing near the 80K minimum income required, but I think cos they just launched the card not long, trying to expand their customer base so me & my colleague got the card despite our income. So if you are a frequent flyer on several airlines (basically if you usually buy whatever's cheapest which can't accrual mileage on the programs directly), it makes sense to get those miles on the card with no expiry date and then to convert all the miles in 1 SQ tix to somewhere. Now is the time to apply!! (only if its useful for u, the annual fee is abit steep at $180/yr, only the first year is free). Well can foresee much travelling this year, will try out the card for the first year to see if it suits me. :D


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