Saturday, September 08, 2007

千五百〇五: 1408

Disturbing. Well done Mr King (stephen king)!

At first I thought it was a typical horror story, and it didn't help that when the first scene of one of the spooks suddenly appearing coincided with my handphone vibrating inside my bag. I jumped & let out an involuntary shriek (very softly) but realised it was just my phone. phew

i must emphasise: The show is not horror!! the horrors are all in the mind. The evil room made the occupants mad, made the occupants want to kill themselves to escape, but the room could not kill the occupants, it could only hurt them. The show was about him trying to survive the room at first but towards the end, he was fighting it and trying to win when he gave up thoughts of surviving but rather, not letting the room win. Very cool.

the wire came out from my braces again. -.- Have to head down to the dentist later this evening. sighz. very irritated by that.


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