Tuesday, September 04, 2007

千五百〇二: あざーす

new vocab: あざーす
short form for ありがとうございます

Today I was suffering from cramps. Dunno is it due to the pills I took during the holiday, I'm suffering particularly bad backaches and cramps this month. and very very bloated feeling. bleahz.

Dental fees has increased by $7 (for GST) every month from this month onwards. Oh I went to the dentist today. He suggested i put a bridge for the gaps that will happen after my braces are taken out cos I will have no back teeth in future. The price he quoted was preposterous though. I would rather use the money for Lasik. hehe.

Is thinking up how to maximise interest growing at least for the funds I gotta pay for the HSBC savings plans.

Ryo is on a plane heading towards New York right now. sighz. I miss him.

Ratatouille event tomorrow! so excited.

Ok wild mood swings have tired me out. nitez.


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