Monday, September 10, 2007

千五百〇七: Mindless Chatter

it's 10-Sep!


ok i'm just being boliao.

cos it's only 18 more days to my birthday :)

& 24 days more to flying off again. :D

Was just surfing the net when i only just realised that Halle Berry is already 41 years old. ?!?! Can you believe it? 41 years old with such a hot body and face? wooooow! & I found a website full of handsome guys, pretty boys & very toned bods. Even though most of the pics make me drool over them, I also think that the site is probably not meant for girls to be drooling over.. keke. If you feel embarrassed to be looking at the pictures, read the dialogue the blog authors wrote. Its really quite funny. hehehe.

I had a terrible tummyache today, alot of gas and went to the loo alot of times, and hiccupped for a few times too many as well. Felt so weak the whole day. Came home to find my sister suffering the same fate. I wonder what we ate wrong yesterday?

A new guy from Osaka joined the office today. He's a full time employee however. He looks like Mr B, will call him Mr OB from now on. (O for Osaka.. hehehe) but OB sounds like a gynae, I'll think of something nicer soon. :D


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