Sunday, September 09, 2007

千五百〇六: The Lost Room

The Lost Room (from the SciFi Channel)

Finally began watching the sci-fi miniseries The Lost Room. For those who have cable at home, it's showing on Star World. Its so eerie. Not in the horror kind of way, but the X-files way. But the whole concept of the Objects and the Room and how things work is really very intriguing. But I wished that they gave a clearer explanation of how the Event happened and why the room is lost. All my information of the room is currently from Wikipedia, and I need to keep referring back to the page to keep reminding myself what the different Objects in the show does. Only at the 2nd episode now, hope he finds his missing daughter in the 3rd & final episode.

I trimmed my right eyebrow a little too thin at the end and now i look really weird. argh. I dun think I'll draw in the missing part with a brow pencil though, cos i'm lazy to do that in the morning half asleep b4 work and I think it looks alright now (?) hmm. maybe I'm just deluding myself.

The Thai trip brought us (me&Ryo) alot closer, especially since we haven't met for about 5 months. After the trip, the number of emails from him is on the rise, and he sms-es me alot more than before. :) and the trip made me realise how stupid I was being on alot of other matters as well. Can't wait to see him in less than a month's time.

I think this is a very cute picture of him bracing himself against the fish :p
Don't bite me!!


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