Sunday, September 16, 2007

千五百十二: New Haircut

I cut my hair today..
new haircut!
short fringe!

I went to JB with 4 other japanese colleagues born in the year of the sheep today. (yeah they actually gathered all the sheep year people for the outing, I was the odd one out.) We went city square, watched Knocked Up (which was hilarious by the way) with popcorn and a softdrink for 11Ringgit, then we went around on our own and i got myself a haircut. for 58 ringgit. (about $30?) which is super cheap in a salon by a senior stylist. ok the bangs are abit weird, i'm really not used to them yet. today was quite fast, the trip through the customs etc had no queue at all. & we checked that eyelash perm is about 48 ringgit. ($20+) Us girls are definitely going to head back there again for all the cheaper services. :p

We ended the day having dinner at Bukit Timah Plaza. The taiwanese delicacies on the 2nd floor was pretty good. Very polite boss oso. ok am very exhausted from the whole day of being on the edge for fear of being robbed or pickpocketed or stabbed. good nite.


Blogger Edwin said...

wooooo... veri nice! Now looked even more like jap idols liao...
*throws cow*

7:43 pm GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

hmm thanks. *throws sheep at u *

11:21 pm GMT+8  

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