Wednesday, September 19, 2007

千五百十四: GV4

I dunno why, feeling very tired until I was having giddy spells throughout the day as I talked to users when i was trying to solve their problems. ECM UAT is stretching way too long, and the lead is really a b*tch w/o checking out things properly before giving sarcastic replies. sighz. and I've become so paranoid about missing early meetings/not having enough time to finish the tests that I've acquired the bad habit of checking the office emails from home every night before I sleep so that issues can be followed up by the EOC (europe)/AOC (US) side while we sleep and we go to work with the problems already resolved.

We finally settled the 年末年始 (New Year) Air tix. We managed to get 5 people in the office who wants to go Osaka on the same date (28-Dec to Jan 6, 2008) since we have the same long unofficial new year holidays and we got the tix today. yay :) GV4 promotion by SQ, the price dropped another $5 today, strangely, and we got our tix for $850 each in the end. phew. everyone was so excited then we were choosing seats. so weird they dun seem to mind sitting next to strangers. I did not like the fact that I might have a chance of sitting next to old men who take up the whole seat again. phew. so everything is settled finally, about half the seats in the plane is gone liao, everyone who wants to get end of year tix better hurry.

ok had work at 7.30am this morning, worked til 9pm in the evening, so am super exhausted. good nite.


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