Friday, September 21, 2007

千五百十六: Pasta de Waraku 

So happy, the girls from the office celebrated my birthday early! we went to Pasta de waraku at Central and I ordered my craving Cod Roe Pasta (明太子)It was goood. They gave me a pendant from Agnes b as a present and prepared a bday cake with 2 large candles and 3 small candles and sang me a song. I actually felt quite touched as it has been quite long since anyone has done that for me besides my family. silly me. Many things were running through my head when they told me to make a wish and then I was like thinking "ok , only if i blow out the candles in 1 breath i can make everything come true" and i managed to do it :D I had gone to ikea with 郷さん、浅井さん、五十嵐さん for lunch and some looksee for mosaic class and i got the girls a set of finger puppets. actually it was 1 pack and everyone got to pick 1 sea creature as a return gift. I guess I chose something right, cos they were so happy with it.

okie, here are the people who made the night happen:
Marini, Suki, Qling, me in the restaurant

shinji, weiling, me, Dora
Shinji, Weiling, me, Dora

Jamie, Weiling, Dora, me


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