Saturday, September 22, 2007

千五百十七: I now Pronounce you Chuck & Larry

5 stars!! Adam Sandler's shows are always so funny. with some underlying moral of course. this is about homosexuals and how they are discriminated by the straight people..

I wasn't planning to go out today, but at about noon, I saw 郷さん online and asked if she wanted to watch a movie with me. She agreed to my surprise, so I met her after her English lesson and we went to watch this at Plaza Singapura. We shared a popcorn combo/nachos and thoroughly enjoyed laughing ourselves silly. After that, we walked around and saw Sakae Teppanyaki so we ate there for dinner. My first time eating teppanyaki ever. it was not bad, and then HSBC had a discount somemore (10%) so it was quite ok. I haven't gone out in a while with a friend properly for an outing liao, so was trying not to think so much about my budget. We set there eating teppanyaki and discussing about other people sitting around us in Japanese. kekeke. it was fun. and I didn't know that a few pieces of meat and stuff could be so filling. I had the Chicken set (which included salmon and oyster, so strange) and she had the Seafood set. I think I'll try the beef set next time, it looked very good when other people at the table had it (cos it included foie gras!!) and price is about $20 per person for the set meal so I think its quite ok. After that, walked around abit more and then we settled ourselves at starbucks, and chatted there. Confided in her about some issues, and got her advice. hmmmm. see how things go bah.

finally reached home at about 11pm, saw the same person on the bus i used to see on the bus a few times when I took the bus at this timing. I recognise him cos he is always holding a novel when he boards the bus. so weird.


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