Friday, September 28, 2007

千五百二十二: 25

List of things I did when I was 24.
  • found a job working for Bill Gates
  • got a tattoo
  • went to Thailand
  • tried snorkelling
  • cut my fringe short
  • went to Cafe Del mar
  • went to MOS -> abit suaku, but I only went to MOS for the first time in October last year
  • made alot of new friends
  • got rid of some people whom I thought were friends
  • got molested. argh.
  • saw what a Ritz Carlton hotel room looks like
  • ate at Al Dente Trattoria
  • found out that guys with wide cheeky smiles attract me
I can't think of any other things worth mentioning for the year.. :) hopefully a fruitful age 25 for me too!


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