Saturday, September 29, 2007

千五百二十三: The Nanny Diaries

Woke up happily late at 10am this morning.

I had to do a bunch of chores and had just planned on lazing at home but in the end went out for a movie with ZC after my chores. The weather on Saturdays is always disgustingly humid and hot. and the buses take forever to come.

I gave myself 2 books for a birthday present at Kino before meeting my cousin, and he gave me a treat at Sushi Tei for lunch and the movie. We went to watch Nanny diaries, alot of Mary Poppins spoofs in it but pretty good show. abit like The Devil wears prada, but this time the evil boss is the kid's mom. the guy she falls in love with is pretty cute too. But maybe a little too much narration, esp about anthropology. that part I didn't really understand. I had liked the book so was pretty excited to catch the show. I'm a sucker for chick lit.. was wondering throughout the show who the cute guy was, cos he looks so familiar, just suddenly realised that he was Johnny Storm in Fantastic 4. :D & he's only 1 year older than me!! :D

After that had dinner with my family at Boon Tong Kee. Dinner on saturdays with my parents is getting to be a routine affair, reasons for it being I get to save money yet have a good meal, and the parents are happy that we choose to spend time with them instead of eating out with friends (even though I practically try to eat everyday at home nowadays during weekdays as well anyway).

Came home and spoke to ryo on skype for a while, didn't realise I was so troubled by certain issues until i started crying with him trying to comfort me over the phone. :( but it felt good that this time i wasn't crying cos we quarreled or wat, but with his comforting voice it helped calm me down a little. sighz. i miss him.

The blisters on my feet seem to be healing, all dried up and forming scab but its so red that it looks like its bleeding profusely and perpetually.

oh.. my colleague asked me to join in a show she was modeling for (some artsy type of show so its not pretty fasion but just a show case of weird but interesting works from the description) cos they still needed one more person so I agreed. :D wonder what it will be like..


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