Monday, October 01, 2007

千五百二十五: White Dog Cafe

Met up with XH for a post bday dinner at Vivo's White Dog Cafe. Very good to catch up and just tell her every single thing that's been happening so far.

Anyway, found out this is the show: http://www.amenebeauty.com/fashionshow.html I'm very excited about the part where i get to have my hair done. hehe..

ok i actually have still a 844g pile of test case reviews to work on so I'll stop blogging now. (we were in the candy shop and I decided to weigh the documents for fun. ... didn't realise it was that heavy. sighz.)

Edit- Forgot to say a mad dog forced me onto the road last nite. It was a hard choice to make; whether i wanted to get bitten to death by a rabid dog or be knocked down by a bus.


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