Monday, October 08, 2007

千五百三十: Kimura Takuya!!

Ryo wanted to start building up his stamina again, so we went to get running wear today at Sunshine Wharf at Kobe, where there was a sports outlet. it was a huge place, and I got myself a black and gold Nike little bag too. :D
Nike bag
& also a very cool carabiner with a very small LED light from Kissmark (a ski/snowboard accessories brand).
Kissmark Carabiner with LED

After that, we went to Yamada Electronics. Took a quick look around, wanted to buy a japanese keyboard but turns out that I am going to Yodobashi tomorrow anyway so I decided just to check out prices.

then we cooked ourselves a very delicious (and very very very filling) kimchi steamboat dinner. Today i managed to catch a SMAPXSMAP special and there was Kimura Takuya going to a high school in Aomori imitating Cyril Takayama. ahhhhh!!! i wished I was one of the kids there oso.
anyway, his imitation is pretty good. the episode is super funny. in the meantime, here's an episode where the Magician cyril Takayama meets Kimura on SmapXSmap in August.


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