Tuesday, October 09, 2007

千五百三十一: Books

Today I bought alot of books.. Beads books -4, jLPT books - 3. expensive!! about 9009yen on all the books (>S$100) (#^-^#) replenished my finishing concealer, bought what other people asked me to bring back, some souvenirs as well. ooh and my japanese keyboard. :D spent alot of money but most are books for myself i guess. :s i wanted to buy some leggings, but all were like >$30. so ex!!

it was raining quite a bit today, since last nite, and the winds were quite chilly. Had ちらし丼 for lunch (love all the seafood), then we headed to diamaru for him to get an exchange on a t-shirt he got from nike before.

oh & bought the lucky charms from the temple le.

ate microwaved pasta for dinner, it was quite good actually. but now i'm hungry le.


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