Thursday, October 11, 2007

千五百三十三: 高野山

Picture of the day:

Ryo the rabbit
Ryo the rabbit

hehehehe. took this picture with my mobile's frames functions, he looks so cute la! (albeit looking a little constipated..)

Today had to wake up at 6.30am so that we were ready to catch the 7.48am train to Mount Koya, and we had to squeeze with the peak hour crowd. :s 久しぶり・・・ The ride took about 3 hours, and we reached 高野山 at nearly 11am, and it was raining quite heavily. I very unluckily broke a nail (ripped it actually) and it started to bleed and hurts like mad. After that, was moving some rock for luck, and it crashed down onto another finger in my right hand which is like bruised and swollen now. :(

We visited about 3 temples the whole afternoon, (the places were huge which was why we took so much time) but pretty impressed by the gravestones of some of the famous Japanese people (as in historians) at Okunoin. (奥の院)高野山 is one of the holiest places in Japan and so I guess it is considered an honour to be buried there. There were also signs of some of the trees turning yellow/red as well. It was super cold up there, I was wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt, a sweater and another jacket on the outside. brrrr. we were 900m above sea-level by the way.

Apparently, the train line we had to use had a suicide case this afternoon and all trains were super delayed. :s it was quite scary, they were clearing the body or something in the late afternoon and when we took the express train back in the evening, the train kept stopping still due to this reason. so weird.


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