Saturday, October 13, 2007

千五百三十五: Midori 電器

Today we overslept and instead of going to the Nissin Cup Ramen Museum as planned, we woke up only late enuff to have a very very late lunch at Jolly Pasta and then hung out abit at Ryo's place while he prepared for his class.

Yesterday, we woke up abit the late again, hehe, and then left the house for a late lunch/dinner at umeda again. Went to his fav お好み焼き shop, after that we went to the Namco game centre opposite the restaurant. We went around the medal machines until about 10pm, then went for supper (2nd dinner for me) at a Japanese styled pasta restaurant at 三番街 and had pasta/japanese desserts. It's been quite a while since we had a fun date which ended late on a friday nite, very happy :D

So while Ryo went for his class in the evening, I went to the nearby Midori Electronics store nearby to help him get ink for his printer and and wandered around the store looking at their bargains. Found a cute gadget for my ipod, but think i'll connect it to my work pc instead cos its a little bulky. After that went to the supermarket to get coffee for Imai-san since she requested. :D and some tidbits too.

Tomorrow we are finally making an effort (my last day here .. (T.T) .. so sad..) to wake up early for breakfast, then head to the museum, then to the Midosuji Parade. I don't want to go home yet!!!


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