Sunday, October 21, 2007

千五百四十: Osaka Photos

hmm I didn't realise I didn't share the link to my osaka photos here at all, so here it is:


btw, this is the cup ramen we designed ourselves:
cup noodles design

I don't know what happened, but yesterday I just slept and slept. I went to bed early on friday nite, woke up at about 11am on saturday, had lunch, and had a bit of a cold so I popped a flu tablet, felt drowsy at about 2pm so I went for a nap until 6pm. woke up very groggy, but went for dinner with my parents and supermarket for grocery shopping, then came home, skyped with Ryo for about an hour b4 I went to bed at about 12plus midnite again. :S then i woke up at about 11am again today, not feeling that rested still, probably i need quite a bit of sleep still?? argh, I wonder when this sleepy phase will end. I think its due to the lack of food, no food = no energy. Can't really eat due to the pain in the gums and the ulcers, so probably that contributes to the lack of energy also. sighz.


Blogger Edwin said...

drink more energy drinks bah

1:35 pm GMT+8  

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