Thursday, October 18, 2007

千五百三十八: 痛み

Pain everywhere.

my mouth, my tummy and abit of my head/fingers.

ulcers in the inner left cheek due to braces and potato chips, i can barely move my mouth now and it hurts to sneeze or yawn. of cos to eat is hell. i can only try to open wide and just shove in food and swallow. the rest of the pain is really quite inconsequential compared to the pain in the mouth.

the pain got to me so much that i couldnt really focus on my work. made a few silly mistakes but i think the rest of the team could see me really being tortured especially at lunch and they cut me some slack. and it hurts to talk also. :(

Ryo gave me some L'occitane stuff he bought for me on his NY bizness trip. so sweet!! :D I've never used the brand b4 cos it seems very expensive.. but now i can try it out. some limited edition mini hand cream:

there was a sort of solid perfume, rose lip gloss, and some body cream. xoxo I can't wait to see him in december .. (T.T)


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