Tuesday, October 30, 2007

千五百四十六: The Arts House

Met 9 of the girls tonite, and had fitting session. At first i thought my clothes were plain, but then I saw the other girls wearing really strange clothes and revealing in strange places and I feel like "phew!!" since I am not really one for wearing strange stuff. I love the skirt that i was supposed to wear though, but it would be nicer if it was shorter though. the baggy clothes (cos the starsign that i represent is earth based and wears simple stuff??) makes me look abit lost in the clothes. hmm. but looking forward to the hairdo session, wonder what kind of hairstyle i will get from Shunji Matsuo-san himself (we met him today and he took a look at us to decide what kind of hairstyle to give us..), they mentioned something about giving me some green hair extensions while curling some other parts of my hair. heehee..

ok i haven had dinner yet, and very cool, its raining cats and dogs now so i wanna tuck in early and enjoy the rainy nite. good nite!!


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