Sunday, October 28, 2007

千五百四十四: Lazy weekend

I'm on a very disciplined stance to save money this month so didn't go anywhere this weekend. Instead stayed home this weekend to study for the JLPT exam coming up in dec, and had a Heroes marathon from the dvd I borrowed from Shinji.

We bought my dad a new shaver and a new mattress for me from Courts after dinner on Saturday. We tested out mattresses there by sitting on them (to check the bounce), then checking if they sink in w/o coming back up again, then lying on them in all sorts of positions (a little embarrassing in the store) and then also whether i can feel the springs when I lie on them. I realised the thickness of the top cover of the mattress matters alot to me. Alot of the mattresses had an ok softness/firmness level but they just felt uncomfortable and I didn't know why until I realised I could feel the springs because the top layer of cloth of the mattress covering the springs was too thin. then the salesman intro-ed this bed that felt so soft (cos of an extra layer of cushioning sewn in on the top of the mattress) and in the end we decided on that cos it was so comfy. :D it's going to be delivered on wednesday! so exciting, I've slept on the current mattress for >13 years liao, and its been stepped on so much b4 i had bedframes that now the springs are just poking at me from everywhere on the bed & my back will ache everywhere when i wake up.

Today was another marathon and I finally finished the first round (at least 1 time) of going through the grammar book and i better get started on the vocabulary so that i can go thru the grammar again. Watching Stepford wives on tv now, watched Desperate housewives on PC as well. I think i'm turning into a minor tv addict.


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play hellgate!

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