Friday, October 26, 2007

千五百四十三: 決定

Decisions. I decided that I would try to ask for higher pay based on my performance this year and to build up on my year of experience would be more beneficial for me than to give this up for a slightly higher paid job that turned out to be another contract job. its a long story. i don't know whether I was stupid to give up the money, (which is not a lot more than now actually) but it really is not the only factor that I care about. I realised I care about my colleagues now, my environment now and I enjoy what I'm doing now quite alot cos i'm good at it most of the time. and there are still times when I learn new stuff, so its still not stale yet. Came to the decision from talking to friends and family and Ryo (& some trusted people from my office now..).

today I was creating alot of agreements and teaching some girls how to use the new system. I enjoyed teaching/training her and time passed really quickly while training her on the new system. But one thing that irked me was that I noticed she wasnt taking down any notes at all (a whole 1 hour i spent on going thru the system with her and she can remember everything??) and I particularly feel abit pissed at such people who dun bother to learn or take down notes during training and then during work time when it really comes down to using it, ask around instead of referring to notes that she could hv taken during training. This wastes everyone's time doesn't it (to have to teach her stuff that has already been gone through before AGaIN). It might sound a bit harsh but this is work, not school and other people have no time to baby you and keep holding your hand at work. If you do take down notes, refer to it and try to solve and try to remember what people have reminded you about before, else making the same mistake again and again irks others too.

well, great that it's the weekend again, and also payday after the weekend. :D


Blogger Edwin said...

mebbe they dunno that they may forget?

10:51 am GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

i'm sure the person has been to school before to know what to do at a training session.

5:05 pm GMT+8  

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