Wednesday, October 24, 2007

千五百四十二: Dilemma

Having abit of a work dilemma now. Sort of work related? hmm.

Yesterday went to get the leather straps for the leather choker Ryo wanted, and got myself some tools for earrings also. The bead shop is cheaper in sg, but the colours are really too limited. I also couldn't find the glass beads. maybe i'll use up what i have and buy online wholesale le.

Boss on leave today til Friday. I finished my tests very early and helped Imai-san to create alot of agreements on the system. Brainless work, I could have created double the number but I was abit distracted with phone calls and getting updates for my PC. There's something wrong with the java on my mozilla browser on Vista. It used to work fine, suddenly its just not working and I can't do my internet banking. grrr.


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