Wednesday, October 31, 2007

千五百四十七: Praises

Had a 1-1 meeting with my boss today and she said my performance exceeded expectations for the past 10 months and i would definitely be getting a raise!! ;D so happy!! but of cos, dun wan to expect too high in case i get disappointed, but its still nice to receive some recognition! i thought that things were abit sour btw us after June, but I think it has become better because I learnt to shut up and bear things. and also finally will get to go on workshop trip to Seattle! :D its more or less confirmed, but still waiting for ok to get air tix. maybe finally i'll get to stop over in San Francisco as well? *prays hard*

the new mattress arrived early yesterday and it's harder than the showroom's one!! abit sianz, i was expecting some really soft mattress that i can sink into.. but never mind, think I have to sleep in it alot longer b4 it will soften up.

Went to do eyebrow threading and eyelash curl to prepare myself for saturday's show (dun wan the makeup artist to say i'm a gorilla) now i look abit like a doll. but i dunno why so many zits nowadays. old age?? hmmmm.


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