Thursday, November 08, 2007

千五百五十四: Balaclava

I haven't gone drinking for a while and yesterday just felt like going out to enjoy the atmosphere of a pre-public holiday drink. Got the japanese ladies in the office to go with me to Balaclava, and we saw K there with his colleagues. Sg is so small, cos after that we saw KP with 2 korean ladies there so the group of us from the fashion show ended up gathering there in a big group.

Left the office at about 7pm, wanted to hv dinner at Suntec then do pedicure but then the stupid shop, despite us having made reservations, made us wait for 30 minutes and then we decided that that was abit too much, if they were shorthanded then don't take reservations!! so we just left cos we hadn't finished our dinner at Tonkichi yet and we had rushed there to make it in time for our appt. Went back to finish dinner, then headed for Balaclava at about 9.30pm. I love the place, cos its always so full of beautiful / well dressed execs (due to the proximity of the banks i guess) and the guys look more handsome and classy than at St James/zouk. hee.

I had a beer then cos K had bought his 1-for-1 early, he had quite a few drinks left and he gave me 2 bourbon cokes which surprisingly didnt get me too sleepy. Chatted quite abit, then he offered to send me back when I was actually ready to take cab liao. By then, the other japanese ladies had gone back le, cos of work today. His fren gave us a lift back to PSA building where he had left his car, then he had to make a work call to US so he took me up to his office so that I could use the loo and he could make his call. saw what his desk looks like, well all cubicles but very nice view from the window and he's quite a neat guy. waited for him to make the call, then he gave me a lift back. :D

& woke up late today but luckily my parents gave me a lift to work as they headed out for some marketing and early breakfast. its so shiok when you can leave the house at 8am and still be early for work!


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