Monday, November 05, 2007

千五百五十二: SOX

There was some internal audit session with the auditors today and it was quite a nerve-wrecking experience. Just knowing they were auditors made the session of going through our checking process was enough to make me sweat. With every explanation I made, I'm wondering if they were going to tear it down or did I not cover all aspects. Luckily, the session went through quite smoothly, they didn't ask me as many questions as they asked James. phew.

Maybe that was the reason I was feeling sick all throughout the morning waiting and dreading this session with the auditors.

But despite a 4-hour nap yesterday, and sleeping early last night, I felt very groggy and heavy-headed today. hmmm.

& I finally finished watching Heroes! The ending came so suddenly, and the villain was killed so easily it was not really believable. A little disappointed with the ending.


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