Friday, November 02, 2007

千五百四十九: Icon

Shunji-san himself personally helped me style my hair :D pretty cool, he didn't realise I was singaporean until he heard me on the phone with my mom. sighz. if only my mum nv go and kpo and call me while doing hair. it was quite rude of me to have to pick up the phone while he did my hair. :s

now my hair is pinned up with curls and my fringe is irritating the hell out of me with the length where its just getting into my eyes and itching my forehead oso. (I wan to wash my face of cos have to mess up the fringe right) think partly is cos my fringe is too thick oso. hmmm

okie wish me luck? tomorrow to head for the salon at 9am, then hair makeup then rehearsal then the show. so weird. can't believe its actually here.

& someone from the other team got fired today. it was very .. strange.


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