Friday, November 09, 2007

千五百五十五: Steamboat Dinner

Steamboat dinner
Remains of a good steamboat dinner

:D I suggested that we have steamboat for dinner last night and my parents really went to Tiong Bahru market in the morning after sending me to work to get ingredients! :D

Steamboat at home is high on vegetables and low on meat. which suits us very well. With squid, white meat fish, and mushrooms and vegetables, there is more than enough food for picky me ( since everything my mum buys is food I like). hehe. ate throughout the Shall I Dance movie, with the tv screen swivelled towards the dining table. However my sis in UK came down with some sort of stomach flu and she im-ed us during dinner and I felt it was abit bad to tell her that we were having steamboat while she wasn't feeling too well there.. hmmm ...

finally its Friday again, and we're having a birthday dinner for the november people today :)


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