Saturday, November 17, 2007

千五百六十一: 61 dinner

Small gathering yesterday, shopping with my sister before that as well after work, and before that introduced my sister to my colleagues at work when she came to sign contract.

Dinner came with shocking news, i hope he thinks through more future decisions less impulsively though. After dinner we had drinks at SMU Ice Cold Bs, remember to bring your matric card/ some sort of tertiary card / alumni card for 30% off drinks. Beers turned out to be $7 each because of that.

Before dinner my sis was the office with me as she came to sign contract for her holidays temp job here. Then intro-ed her to some of the APAC colleagues, then to the Japan colleagues and after that she was lucky cos we had bento lunches leftover from the IT days event and then she ate one for lunch. She then sat there studying (and playing DS) until my working hours ended and we headed to Citylink for some shopping before the 61 dinner.

I dunno why she can find stuff to fit her so easily?? Almost immediately, she found a pair of ballet type flats which looks totally cute on her, then after that at zara, she found jeans also and I got a Mr Men tshirt. I wanted to get shoes originally!! went to like all the shoe stores and saw 1 pair i liked but it was kind of expensive. (>$50) have nv spent that kind of money on shoes in sg b4, so .. seems kind of expensive maybe i'll wait till my pay rise. or maybe my bonus. hehe.

It was IT day in the office, so there were some cool stuff on sale from the vendor booths and a lucky draw going on in the office. $14 for 1GB SD card, so I got Ryo and myself 1, then 2GB thumbdrive at $19.90 so got that as well. I better bring my checkbook next week, they'll deliver everything to the office next week .

I didn't realise there were only 2 wks left to the exam and the trip, so this weekend i really have to study.... ArghH!!


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