Wednesday, November 14, 2007

千五百六十: Kose Sale

Much thanks to the people who tried to calm me down, to console me, to let me fume silently, to try to make me feel better about the overall situation. Really appreciate it. I want to be really evil and say that I hope it will be boring event but I do hope you guys have fun and take lots of pictures and hopefully I will spend the time with other uninvited guests having fun on my own also (crosses fingers and toes). The next one I will (must) be part of it, definitely.

I went to the Kose sale with the girls in the office today, a whole bunch of nearly 20 girls rushing down to Great World City at lunch time to try to snag the 70% discounts. In the end, the sale was quite disappointing. Had wanted to get whitening products, but the discounts were barely 20% for those and for $80, it was difficult to put down such money to try new skin care products. & the cosmetics on sale didn't really appeal in terms of colours or packaging. Thought of buying mascara, but in the end I placed the item back as i still had a Lancome one unused in my cupboard. thts $23 not spent. :) All I bought from the sale was a fine line concealer that seemed really worth it at $19. :D so .. everyone was very surprised I only bought that, but then its stuff for the face, & face is so impt, so why buy just cos its cheap??

weekend soon again.. can't wait!


Blogger Edwin said...

speaking of sales, I am wondering if ur company is still selling the Mass Effect game here in Sg??

7:33 pm GMT+8  

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