Tuesday, November 13, 2007

千五百五十八: Hubstation

I went with 郷さん to Vivocity Starhub today to try to apply for her cable tV service via the Hubstation promo, which comes with free 1mB broadband internet free. We still didn't know yet if her new place had the starhub signal yet, so it was really a gamble.

Bought the set, got some cables and took a cab to her friend's place for some glass shelves (to be used as her shoes rack) then took the cab back to her place to begin the setup while she prepared dinner for us. The card validation took >10 minutes and I was beginning to think that her place did not have the cable signal after all. So I thought, no harm calling Starhub for a check, then I called them up and this technician said the account seems to have not been set up properly yet. I was a little panicking by then, because I really wanted to watch the last episode of 女婿当家 on channel 8 but we didn't realise the tv cable had a different head from the TV and then I couldn't even connect the tv to the cable point directly. Really felt like crying then, seemed like a helpless situation and I was missing the show for no reason... :S

郷さんwas really sorry about making me miss the show, then we just put in a DVD in the DVD player that I had set up for her as well and watched it while the technician said he had set up the system again, and intermittently we switched channels to check but it still wasn't working. :(

at 10pm, i was like, its really the problem of her house then, then i switched to the cable channel video input and saw the 10pm news beginning on channel 8. ArgHHHH!!!!! i was really pekchek and couldn't believe how super unlucky the stupid set had chose to be dead until the show was over. ARGHHH!!!

but of cos, things worked the way they should, and I was happy that she could watch her cable tv and use her internet and my setup wasn't a waste of time. phew.

well this totally proves we don't really need guys for such setting up, if the ISP and the cable tv providers properly do their job on their end. and 郷さん is going to treat me to high tea in return for my services. :D
*edit - I said we don't need guys because when I said I was going to help my colleague set up her internet and cable tv services to a male colleague before leaving, he looked so disbelieving that I could do it. hur!

on the other note, my sister is going to work as a temp in my office soon, after her A levels. so we can probably get my parents to drive us both to work from now on. hee hee hee.

waiting for my hair to dry, I took a cab home from her place at about 11pm. I haven't been to a HDB area for so long that I kinda forgot how smelly the lifts were. Do people still pee in the lift?! grosss!!!

On a sidenote, Happy Birthday Mr Takuya Kimura!!! お誕生日おめでとう!!My idol is 35 years old this year.. (oh i just realised he's a year younger than Ryo..) but still looks as good as when he was 10 years ago. Well done!! and many more good years to come and stay handsome forever!!! :D


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