Tuesday, November 13, 2007

千五百五十九: Weddings

Today seems like a replay of what happened the same time last year.

I found out I was purposely cut out of a wedding list this time (last year was accidentally apparently). Reason given (as heard from some of the classmates who were invited?).. no space. No space when almost all the guys in the class were invited? I forgave her when she ruined my reputation in hall a long time ago after she apologised cos I thought, fine, we've been classmates for a while and the group is still pretty close after all. Now, of cos there will be no invitation from me when it's my turn and I will not give some crap excuse like not enough space. If i don't invite someone, means I don't want the person to be there. Simple and clear.

Not enough for the day, something that I had hoped would never happen happened. I bumped into my molester. He didn't see me, thank god. I was bent over a book when this person walked past me and I didn't know why, chills went through my spine. I just felt a sense of foreboding, and not knowing why I looked up, at the pair of legs which led to a very familiar-looking backview. Looked abit more until the guy turned right at the bookshelves at the cookbook section and I almost stopped breathing in fear. It was the damned molester. and he was wearing the same red shirt as the day we ambushed him.

I was so scared, even though I knew he couldn't do anything to me in the bookstore, I was just scared that he would see my face, recognise me and come after me for revenge. My mind was a blank at that moment, took out my phone and didn't know who to call for help. This is the post incident trauma kicking in. I didn't know that I would fear him so much if I saw him again and today 's incident was enough to really shake me. I sorta just stood behind the shelf near me, not moving, trying to keep the top of his head in sight to make sure I wasn't in his line of sight at any time. Finally after he circled the store for a while, he left while i dodged behind shelves to avoid being seen. It was really horrible. I was all jittery and just on the watch in case he appeared and only dared to breathe after I got into my parents' car.

Please, let's just have the court session asap to put this guy away and let me live in peace again.


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