Monday, November 19, 2007

千五百六十三: Rules of Attraction

On my way home I was savouring the voice of someone special in my head today. I was just replaying his voice over and over in my head today and it suddenly dawned on me that one of the characteristics that attract me to any guy is his voice.

First, the smile. Some people have smiles that just light up their whole face, making an ordinarily normal face look very mischievous and cheeky and such smiles attract me. Some people though, when they smile, they look very fake, very insincere.. too wide a smile? teeth baring smile? I guess the difference is whether their eyes smile with their mouth. Some guys smile and look like perverts.. and some just look awkward.

Then.. the voice. the way of speaking. Youthful voices that speak in slow, measured, well-thought tones. I can't stand nasal voices or voices that are gruffy. Or people who speak without thinking. Voices can't be too high of course, else so sissy, but think Kimura Takuya ~~ ☆ that's the best kind of voice I like actually haha.. but anyway, I love to hear intelligence in a voice, patience, and kindness. and wit. and laughter in the voice. not the hahaha kind but just that you can hear fun bubbling in it. Boyish voices where u can hear the musculinity behind them, of men who are sure of themselves, confident but not pompous or cocky or arrogant. & of course these voices do not speak inappropriate words, do not make fun of my name, my attire or the things i do but instead give their comment with constructive suggestions for me to improve upon.

if after the smile has charmed me enough, with the eyes and the voice, I guess the general air the guy gives off as confident, laid back, good memory and quick mind is good enough. (haha.. quite high standards there)

BUT I can't stand lazy guys. guys who skive off . guys who keep complaining w/o doing anything to change the situation (actually applies to girls as well for this.. whiners are weiners) or guys who can't be bothered to be on time, or to keep to the time agreed upon. (Ryo has to work on this punctuality thing with me but he definitely is not lazy) I hate being made to wait, it makes me feel like the other party treats my time with no importance and I can afford to waste my time and wait around.

so... I thought about this, and dreamily went back to replaying the voice in my head again and again as I made my way home in the cool evening air.


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