Sunday, November 18, 2007

千五百六十二: Shopping!

ok .. At least this is going to be about the things i want to buy...

first.. a laptop..

My current one was bought in 2005, VGN-Y70P. so its nearly 3 years old now. It works fine mostly, but the screen sometimes flickers, and the left mouse key on the laptop is abit spoilt. You have to press it in the right place with the right strength for it to work. (hehe) but of course if you have an external mouse, there's no problem with this. I can't really bear to part with this one cos its so light!! it's only 1.69kg, but its really barebone, no cd/DVD drives at all, only a laptop. Since my sis will be going to university next year, thought why not, might as well get a new one, pass this on to her after clearing the hard disk?

so now i'm aiming for one in the SZ series, which is super light, and I can carry with 1 hand. (this is very impt to me, else if a laptop is immobile whats the point) In Sg, the VGN-SZ55GN/B costs about $2499, the lowest priced SZ model. Checked out its equivalent model in JP, and its VGN-SZ54B/B and the difference is that it has Vista Home Premium instead of Vista Business as compared to the SG version. The cost is 180,800yen, about S$2361 (yay cheaper!!) and I have a $250 value in my point card which i can use to discount the purchase further. The remaining cost that I pay in cash, I get another further 10% point back into my card (~16,000points and 1 pt = 1 yen that I can use) which i can use in future.. :D

so.. now i gotta decide whether I wan to buy it this december or my next trip. hmm probably next trip i think.. save up more and i will be shopping alot this december liao hoho.

ok.. other things i will probably buy thx to xQ^^ and his discounts during the trip (all from Coach cos the price is so so so affordable there!!):
  1. Signature Stripe Ipod Case
  2. Signature Large Beauty Case in Brass/Khaki/Parchment
  3. Logo Cellphone Medallion Bracelet Cellphone Lanyard
  4. Signature Studded Gallery Tote - Brass/Gold - this is super nice but I want to be able to put a laptop into the bag, so maybe I might have to go for a bigger bag?? shucks. If its bigger I can use the bag as carryon whenever I travel liao
  5. Signature Demi Pouch - Black - looks very good for clubbing but what can it hold?? definitely can't fit my wallet in....
  6. So i think i'll go there and see if any pouch suits me at all. hmm.
I wonder if Kate Spade bags are more affordable there...

And i'll be shopping for maybe clothes/boots there oso. Speaking of which, i need to get some gloves after work, probably from the coldwear store. have to squeeze out sometime after work ... but looking very forward to the shopping!!


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