Tuesday, November 27, 2007

千五百六十九: Kuala Lumpur Plans

I wonder what's wrong today. Lips were tingling the whole day. (the word tingling looks like its spelt wrongly..) hmm

Settled on our accomodation for the xmas eve Kuala Lumpur trip, so irritated that the family suite disappeared in our moment of hesitation. In the end, we had to book a twin and triple suite and split ourselves up instead. argh.

Update: dunno why, i thought I would just go to the website to take a look to see if there is the family suite again and there is!!!! so i booked it first!! then i'll cancel the other rooms tomorrow if this one is confirmed (cos it comes with breakfast for the same price lor...) so happy!! keke..

so we are going to stay at Pacific Regency Hotel Apartments in Kuala Lumpur, and we booked the 2 bedroom suite, which should be the Family Suite cos i don't see any other 2 bedroom suite type in their website. Somemore, free wireless internet connection! :D its just one night, but with internet, at least can check where to go if we are bored..

ok, with my tingly lips and I kept sneezing for no reason and felt very cold in the office. and I had a really weird nightmare last night. I met my primary school friend in the nightmare, we were having a good time until I realised she had stolen my wallet. my Coach wallet from Ryo as a birthday gift!!! I was so mad, (in the dream) until I realised she had stolen the wallet because she was being directed by this evil mastermind which turned out to be a guy i know from somewhere. (I can't remember who it was in my dream right now..) so.. it was tiring being angry, and woke up feeling very agitated and alot more tired than b4 i went to bed.. :(


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