Saturday, November 24, 2007

千五百六十七: 勤労の日

Thanks to the public holiday today, was able to get a couple of errands done.
  1. Open a UOB Kay Hian trading account
  2. Buy my contact lens cleaning solution (been putting this off and i thought I could share with my sis until I realised I need a bottle to use in Seattle. -.- )
  3. Created another mosaic piece - beer glass. :D
Mosaic Beer Glass

Problem was, today also spent alot of money. Lunch was $20 , dinner was $16, taxi fares was $14 + $1 + $6 = $21 (ARGH!!) and the contact lens thing cost like $8.50!? Luckily its payday again next week. but i was saving up for shopping in San Francisco!!

Went to Go-san's house but due to waking up too early this morning (stupid daily alarm...) I kept dozing off while watching tv at 11plus pm. :S w/o alcohol. sighz. old liaoz.

oh I think that the rumour i heard about my idol in sg is probably not true. Not one person spotted him so luckily I didn't spend a day waiting for him to appear because i had actually quite a lot of matters to settle. anyway can still see him on tv :

Gatsby Hair Bleach CM starring 木村拓哉

This campaign was launched in Japan in March so we're a little late here. kinda not so manly, but he's still soooo pretty!!


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