Thursday, November 29, 2007

千五百七十; The Sims 2

Planning to try doing listening comprehension exercises after work in the office. It's the best place to do it, cos the PC has my earphones plugged in to it and can just sit properly at my table and do. Have to complete 28days' worth of listening in a day or 2 though.

And now is a really bad time to get addicted on The Sims again. Yesterday I was letting my TNK family in The Sims 2 do their thing, and the man of the household died (from old age haha) and gave my family insurance money from his death. His little boy got taken away by the social worker unfortunately.. and then luckily, the wife, being a Lusty Lover Aspirant, had other backups so she called up one of her lovers and I made him move in with our Dina and he brought in $46k to our family Income. The little girl Julie grew up into a teenager and I have to find a job for her. I think I applied for her a Gofer job last night. I think its time to increase the size of the house though. It's so cramped with all the equipment cluttering the house.

Ok , i better get back to my listening...


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