Saturday, December 01, 2007

千五百七十一: Good News

So happy!!!

Firstly, my hard work paid off this year. I got my renewal contract to sign today, w/o knowing beforehand what my pay next year would be like and it was such a pleasant surprise to see that my boss had granted my request for a pay rise of about 15%!! ok.. 15% of wat was originally quite low pay isn't that much but its still alot to come from a company where other people always tell me they get raise of like 3-7%?? damn sad la, they tell me that they don't even get performance evaluation from their boss, all across the board get about 3% raise?? I don't see any reason to perform in such cases, everyone just do average work can le. then they all said don't hope too high, but I thought, well, better to try asking, and be able to show the boss that I do deserve the raise i am asking for. and it worked!! well ... better work harder next year to earn my next raise.

2ndly, my boss finally confirmed the Seattle trip. I didn't really dare ask, until today during the team meeting then she was saying next week she's coming to sg, and then we were like .. ok .. then she herself asked me "so next week u will be going for the workshop right??" and i was like "yay! finally she brought it up herself!" so of cos i said YUP! and then that's settled. hoho. peace of mind at least and can start packing my bags for sure.

3rdly, since its the contract renewal period, the other guy (the one i totally can't stand) was also up for renewal. Today at the meeting, our boss announced that he was going to leave after his contract ends and that she would be looking for someone else to take up his position. We were thinking that he would just be given a pay cut given his dreadful performance for the past year but didn't expect a total ending of his contract. well.. felt bad for him a bit, but he got that ... dreadful weasel-like expression that you just can't help but feel disgusted and glad that he as leaving. :S abit bad, but I just kept quiet after the announcement cos didn't want to give out any sort of wrong expression. hmm. is it mean to feel happy and relieved that the weakest link is sorta finally given justice for all the bad attitude and work performance?

well. full of good news, but haven't finished studying the japanese... so gotta hit the books again. good night!!


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