Sunday, December 16, 2007

千五百七十八: 3 day work week

Time went by really fast this week, & before I knew it, its sunday again. I think I irritated some people in my team, but that's not really my fault, cos I didn:t slack or anything, rather, they were just being tightasses about me having more free time. I don't see it being my fault if your workload has increased such that you feel that you have to sacrifice your lunch, cos it doesn't make a difference either way. and then when people come over to talk to me, you show annoyance. what's that?? I didn't have any urgent work due, and its not like that 20 minutes mattered whether I had ignored the people who had come to talk to me or not, so I felt really pissed off, that you think I shouldn't surf the internet because you are busy?? what crap is that?? and I find that these people are damn selfish and petty also. The other day, I realised that there were unused monitors in the UAT room. so I decided to fix up 2 monitors for myself (by attaching 1 extra 1 to my PC). meaning, I came up with that idea. Since, some of them went to take the wireless mouse from the UAT room as well, and it was very first come first served, so as I didn't know, I couldn't complain when there were none left. Now, apparently some teammates are not happy we have the 2 monitors, but then there is only 2 extra, so if they don't want us to use, its not like they get to use it cos they would throw their own words in their faces about team equality won't it? The main thing was that the mouse thing was first come first served as well, and why shouldn't this be? It's not like the monitors were taken from them in the first place, they were just sitting there gathering dust!! very pissed off at such pettiness, if they wan to complain i'll take it out and let them use then. see how after that they can use it with peace of mind. want to be equal in workload, get equal pay as me then. pui!!! I failed to point that workload is equivalent to pay level. next time i'll definitely say that. When I'm responsible for something, I do it with 110% effort. so screw them, for being so petty and selfish.

Saturday evening was a party at a colleague's place (a very cool renovated shophouse). i don't have any photos yet, so I'll talk about that another day.

ok enough of the complaints, 郷さんtreated me to high tea at Shangri-La hotel. it was for me helping her set up her internet & cable tv at her new place :).

High tea @ Shangri-La

First time having high tea, I enjoyed trying out all the different types of iced tea, but one was really weird. It made me feel like I was drinking ink:
something with pineapple

but it tasted pretty good. :D we were so stuffed by 5pm that we just sat lazily on the couch and dazedly looked around and planned the KL trip.

& then we took the shuttle bus from the hotel to Wisma & got a drink each at Indochine's bar area while she did her work and i just sat there and played DS. Very shiok and relaxing afternoon.

finally, to end off, the newest additions to my softtoy collection mr bear & mr cow:
Microsoft bear & cow
bear & cow


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