Monday, January 07, 2008

千五百八十六: back to work

photos from the trip:

we didn't set a date for the next trip.

My bond will be ending on 2008 July. Finally free. 2 years is pretty fast when u're travelling all the time.

Osaka was super cold.

my ex team leader treated me to sushi on my last day in Osaka. interrogated him about his secret gf. i told him he's going to be an おじさん like ryo soon if he is still so picky. He said he has already decided to be single and have many girlfrens.

busy at work today cos UAT has began again. it wasn't long ago when I was URC, but I feel like I'm new at this again. this month I have higher pay to look forward to, but i've done up a monthly budget so that I can have enough money to buy a new laptop at the end of this year. If there is any extra, maybe I can do Lasik as well. 頑張ります!!


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