Sunday, December 30, 2007

千五百八十三: Resident Evil - Extinction

Just watched the movie Resident Evil 3 cos Ryo had free tickets. haiz. so gruesome. interesting twist at the end. but still, i don't have stomach for gore. especially that room where the people are sliced open via the lasers. argh. I don't like zombie shows!! actually felt quite puky about10 min into the show. grr.

landed here yesterday at abou 8.30am, Ryo came to pick me up from the airport. very sweet of him to do that (he seldom does it) and then i went straight for a hair cut at my old salon. was so tired due to the lack of sleep I kept nodding off, which was quite embarrassing as the hairstylist tried to cut my hair. The flight was quite a disaster, considering it was SQ. Bad food, they skipped the snack, and the Krisworld inflight movie selection sucked. Usually there would be a ton of movies, both new and old and the movie would begin when u watched it. But this time, it was like some back to the future thing when the system had reverted to its old system instead of upgrading, and all the movies were following some main system start and end time and we had to watch the movies we chose from whenever it was at. SUCKED!!

then went to Ryo's friend's place and learnt alot of moves about Pokemon from his fren's kids. hee. delicious dinner as usual. But i was feeling quite tired so didn:t really join in their conversations and just watched tv. dinner ended about 12 midnite, and we sorta walked back w/o knowing the way. Was abit scared as it was in osaka, the roads quite dark and quiet.

this morning we woke up super late, slowly got ready then went to buy 昆布 from a store in Osaka and then went to Umeda to shop around, relax and wait for the movie. Went to the pokemon center as well, but that was only cos it was on the way to the train station. got some souvenirs for the pokemon players in my team, hope they like it. Got the latest Kimura Takuya pamphlets from Yodobashi as well. :D

Tomorrow will be doing spring cleaning at Ryo's place and then its a countdown to the new year. Wanted to go USJ at first, but think its a waste of money and its too cold anyway. today was 3 degrees celsius outside. brrrr..


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