Sunday, January 20, 2008

千五百九十四: C'est une erreur!!

French class today, practised alot of conversation and started on numbers. some people were so spaced out they held up the whole class, and I'm wondering why they're there. They don't want to speak up when the teacher asks them to answer and just look all shy etc. come language class dun wan to learn to speak then come for wat!?

anyway, went for tea with akane after the lesson and we ate french fries at NYDC while waiting for K to call me for dinner. we were discussing how to make the best of the step up account while not missing up on the step up interest. came up with someways, but dunno if it will work so needs very good timing and coordination in moving money around. she was also sharing with me on how she was investing her money and got more of an idea of what i need to do soon. but first abit more research to make sure i don't make too many fatal mistakes.

K finally reached Orchard at about 8pm and he treated me to dinner at Modesto's. Great service, all the waiters were prompt and attentive and they kept updating us about our order, and reassuring us when our food isn't here yet etc. when they saw me walking towards them, they immediately pointed me in the direction of the loo w/o me having to ask. :D food was pretty good as well; we had the seafood pasta for 2. I think this is the first time we had proper dinner together, just the 2 of us, and its very comfortable to just chat about anything and everything. His gf can speak french too!! cos she lived in france for a year plus due to work. pretty cool ~~ I wan to be able to do that, so maybe after my contract is up, maybe can get a working holiday visa or something.

& I can't find the working holiday visa everyone keep telling me about btw singapore and Japan. where got?!


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