Wednesday, January 16, 2008

千五百九十一: また?!

2nd week of the new year at work, and more bad news. Something from my boss, and then in the evening heard something more about another boss. AHHHH!!! why this year so messy!?! Just when I thought things had settled down at work. ...

I went with 吉岡さん to the Chanel Spring Collection 2008 session at Shangri-La this evening and there was a famous make up artist from Chanel International showcasing their products and sharing makeup tips. Unfortunately i'm trying very hard to remember his name now and I only remember it starts with Y. argh!! He was very friendly, very funny as well, and enjoyed the evening listening to his tips and watching his deft and experienced hands proceed to come up with magic on the model's face with the make up brushes.

After the event, had a good chat with 吉岡さん about work. hmm. its always good to chat with seniors and get a feel of wats going on in the whole company (and the politics) and to find out what they actually expect of locals and how they see them. I am glad I am going about things the right way.. but feeling quite lost at work w/o much leadership. I mean, being able to function independently is great, but wat if sometimes you need some guidance? sighz.

I forgot we have a new hamster in the house. His name is.. Hamster for the time being. while I try to stuff him with several languages. hoho.


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