Wednesday, January 23, 2008

千五百九十七: 桃太郎電鉄

Played 桃太郎 on DS with Shinji & Hiroki this evening, its turning out to be a daily thing, and having a monopoly styled game to compete on was super fun.

Managed to complete everything at 6plus, (six heures plus) and received some good and bad news from Ryo. Good news is that the work trip here is about confirmed, bad news is that his work trip here is only for probably a day. :( sianz. then after that, he's heading to Dubai and Hong Kong. sighz. sighz. I didn't realise I miss him so much. I want to join his trip, but I don't think I can pull out the time from work even if my boss approves my leave. :( & I must stop all contact with unsavoury acquaintances.

There haven't been much good movies lately, but then I been trying hard to save money also. I want to watch maybe Sweeney Todd / Cloverfield.

Boss will be here next week. Will be her last trip to Sg as our team leader. sighz. I don't like farewells.

& R.I.P. Heath Ledger, one of my favourite actors. I'm shocked by his passing on, accidental I want to believe. sighz. Condolences to his family..


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